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In the modern world of online social networks, why does building real, face-to-face relationships matter? Of course they do! How many of your Facebook friends have you not spoken with over the phone or in person in years? Would they be top of mind for a business opportunity? Probably not. The people with whom you have regular in-person interactions are the ones who come to mind when opportunity knocks. Make sure others in your network think of you – and not just your online presence – when they need the right person to be their business partner or vendor.

In addition to forging stronger, more meaningful relationships with peers in finance, having an active professional network can provide you with business leads, career opportunities, personal growth, exposure to best practices, and knowledge about emerging trends in business. In short, being well networked makes you more relevant. With technology and trends changing faster than ever, staying relevant is the key to a prosperous future.



AFP-IN consists of a diverse group of professionals who participate in finance-related career fields. From corporate treasury and accounting, commercial banking to payment processing, and higher education to non-profit management, our members and guests have a unique mix of experience, insights, and knowledge to help you grow.



Our membership is an annual membership, which gives you access to discounted event pricing, including our annual Circle City Treasury Management conference. You are welcome to attend any of our events as a non-member, but only members get the benefit of discounted event rates!